Top 5 Gentle Parenting Baby Shower Wish List

Top 5 Gentle Parenting Baby Shower Wish List

At sixteen weeks pregnant, I'm feeling my baby move a bit and getting a little more horizontal in the belly region. We've so far interviewed a great doula, are considering midwife-assisted vs. unassisted birth, and starting to talk about the stuff we might need before the baby arrives. In pondering baby shower registries and requests for wish lists from friends, I'm realizing that the "usual" list of baby gear doesn't fully apply to us.

As both my partner and I are fully committed to gentle parenting, including incorporating attachment parenting (AP) techniques such as babywearing, co-sleeping, exclusive breastfeeding, and practicing elimination communication. At first blush, there seems to be little we might need. However, after giving it more thought, I can see that even without the strollers, bottles, and diapers, there are plenty of things this new family will need straight from birth.

Here are my top five expectant mother newborn needs:

While the “natural” in natural parenting style refers more to low-tech practices than organic fabrics and foods, I am a big supporter of natural textiles and farming practices when it comes to my shopping dollars and I believe in the importance of choosing organic cotton. So, my baby shower list will include lots of natural cotton sweaters, swaddling blankets and onesies.

The Boba Wrap was initially crowned “the best place after the womb” and after the joy of wearing a close friend’s baby in the wrap just once, I have had a peek into the "why". My partner and I are both looking forward to holding our baby close to our hearts, giving lots of skin-to-skin, and helping our baby feel as secure and held as possible in Boba's cotton baby wrap (and it’s super comfy for parents, too!).

Co-sleeping/bedsharing advocate Dr. Sears recommends a side-car crib as a way to keep the baby at arm’s reach for easy night-time breastfeeding. While we plan to safely share our bed with the baby as the healthiest way to support the baby’s breathing, feeding, and comfort having a side-car crib will help create flexibility for when I may feel dangerously overtired, or when intimacy may request a little more space in the bed.

While a number of new bras are going to be needed before I give birth (I’m already outgrowing most of mine), stocking up on natural fibers maternity bras and reusable wool nursing pads in the last months is definitely on my to-do list to be well prepared for breastfeeding (in the under doodles department, anyway).

I’m very inspired by moms I know and have seen online that herald the joys and benefits of elimination communication (EC) (the practice of listening and responding to our baby's need to eliminate). We plan to practice EC from birth, but I’ll use some simple flat folded cloth diapers to start, and for times when potty opportunities may be hard to come by (like on the long metro rides uptown) – for a little added insurance when the baby is still very young. While I adore the cuteness of all the modern cloth diapers available now, since we won’t be relying on them much, I prefer to keep it simple with flats (organic cotton preferred, of course).

Have a few things on your “must have from birth” list?

I’d love to hear about them!