Introducing the Mermaid and the Unicorn

Introducing the Mermaid and the Unicorn

Land meets sea and magic ensues.

Few things brighten the day like a bit of colorful fantasy. When we spotted this design in Cecilia Mok's portfolio we knew it'd be perfect design for a Boba.

The elegant old world whimsy of Mermaid and Unicorn is fresh, yet so familiar in that wisp-of-a-memory sort of way. The design reminds us a little of the Art Nouveau movement and how it served to liberate art from the museums and salons, and bring high-art beauty into everyday life.

This really resonates with us. Modern technology has freed up art completely. Artists and designers have countless outlets to showcase their work online, and we have countless venues to enjoy it. We are bringing this art to Boba. To the cloth that holds your little one.

And here she is...the dance of the mermaid and unicorn coming to vivid life in a burst of brilliant jewel tones. Isn't Cecilia's color palette stunning?

We love how this came out! "Mermaid and Unicorn" designed by artist and surface designer Cecilia Mok.

Artist’s statement: "I have always loved the storytelling of children’s book illustrations, and have been rediscovering these wonderful pictures while reading story books nightly with my little ones.

My daughter adores all tales of unicorns and mermaids, and I wanted to create a design like a page from a fantasy fairy tale.

I was intrigued by the idea of these two mythical creatures who were never destined to meet (one from the land, and one from ocean depths) but find each other in a special place between two worlds, where forest meets the sea."

Cecilia’s early rendering of Mermaid and Unicorn beside her young daughter’s.

About the artist: Cecilia Mok is an artist and surface designer living and working in Sydney, Australia. She studied fine arts at The Julian Ashton Art School, fashion design at East Sydney Technical College, and has worked as a designer in graphics, print and textiles. The artist has been featured in exhibitions and galleries across Sydney and also teaches at a children’s art studio. Cecilia is drawn to themes of wonder, storytelling and the beauty of the natural world. Her surface designs are explorations of rich colour palettes, movement and flow, and decorative illustration. See more of her designs here.

Mermaid and Unicorn, the latest addition to our Boba Limited Edition series.