How Babywearing Can Help You and Your Newborn Thrive This Holiday Season

How Babywearing Can Help You and Your Newborn Thrive This Holiday Season

Travel, and relatives, and food, oh my! Who’s ready for that magical first (or fifth?) holiday season with a newborn? If you’re accustomed to keeping your little one heart-to-heart with a baby wrap or carrier, you are!

Here are the three key reasons to keep your little one wrapped up snug as a bug on your chest this holiday season:

Carols. Lights. Sales. Cooking. Traffic. Parties. Indoor heating. Outdoor freezing. Sugar. Icy sidewalks. Wish lists. Colds. Flus. Decorating. Whew! Most of this comes all before Thanksgiving so by the time December holidays rolls around, we’re pretty much spent. If it were an option for me to cozy up in the fetal position and ride all this joyous madness against the heart of a warm, loves-me-more-than-anyone-will-ever-love-me heart, I’d do it. I would. Wouldn’t you? Thank goodness babywearing offers protection and soothing in the midst of all that glorious stimulation, stress and startle opportunities.

“Oh, just a little bite.” It’s so sweet the way grandmas, aunts and even strangers want to love up our babies and children with yummy holiday food. If your baby is a little older or just slightly approaching solid food age, there may be an imaginary “Feed Me” sign on your child’s forehead this time of year. Even newborns aren’t immune to this phenomenon. Maybe you’re okay with that, but maybe you’re not. There’s nothing like a cozy baby carrier to create a little protection between baby and oh, say… a double fudge gingerbread cream roll. This also leaves granny free to stuff YOUR mouth with yummy morsels instead. Win-win!

Oh, wintertime! You are so pretty out there, why don’t all the little bugs stay out all day sledding? Because we don’t offer them hot cocoa when they come in at sundown, that’s why! Our marshmallowed-cocoa-like babies are very desirable to kissers, cuddlers and germies. A sleep-inviting Boba wrap puts up a kind of defense field in a holiday crowd, or just a crowded house. If you’d prefer your newborn or older baby not be passed around from person to person at a gathering, letting her snooze in her baby wrap is a stellar strategy (worked for me!). Also, all the calming we talked about in #1 helps keep your baby’s immune system operating at tip top shape. Colds are fine, but isn’t it so much easier to enjoy the festivities without them?

Our babies are healthier, happier and more at ease with their kissable heads on our chests, hugged all over by their baby wrap or carrier. The holidays are a great way to put this to the test and reap the rewards of ease.

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