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Boba X Yucca

Inspired by the gorgeous high desert of the southwest. An intuitive design that regulates in width and height without looping, snapping or rebuilding the carrier. Adjust the seat with one smooth slide and lock in place with a flat press of your hand. From your fresh newborn to your mobile toddler - the Boba X has you covered. Wear your little ones and wear them well! 

  • 3-20kg - No infant insert needed!
  • Seat micro-adjusts from 8-21" in width (20-53 cm)
  • Panel body micro-adjusts from 12-16" in height (30-40 cm)
  • 63-147cm waist belt - A great option for petite and plus sized wearers
  • Shareable! For both your babies and your partner
  • Padded leg openings and seat extenders included!
  • International Hip Dysplasia Institute - Certified Hip Healthy
  • Machine washable
  • 100% Cotton

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Customer Reviews

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Cozy and close

I was given a second hand boba wrap carrier before my son was born and when he was a newborn it was perfect. Once he started getting a bit bigger (and much more wiggly) I wanted something more structured that would provide more support for me while still keeping him close. The Boba X carrier is perfect for that! It's comfortable, simple to adjust, and makes it easy to keep my son close when we're out in the world (or just wandering around at home).

Mariana Ocampo Lopez
Living it!!!

I am living it and my kids to! Have been using it with my 4 months and my 3 years old kids 💓

Thalia Espinoza

I am in love with this carrier! I been searching for a good comfortable one but I just didn't know where to get it. I came across this website and read the reviews and I immediately was sold. I had the BabyBJORN baby carrier mini and my 3 month old son hated; I hated because he couldn't get his head comfortable. He kept moving his head and on top of that he almost suffocated by placing his face right onto my chest. The Baby X carrier hugs his whole body and it is comfortable for him and me.

Boba X Yucca

I’m so excited for this carrier. It’s the first carrier I’ve ever worn after wearing a wrap on my baby and I can truly say it is very comfortable for me and my baby really seems to like it as well. I’ve worn it to go on walks, to run errands and just around the house and it’s just perfect as it has the support needed for both of us. I will be recommending boba to my friend mom’s for sure 🙌

raluca marga
The best present I ever received as a mother!

I got the carrier from a friend when I had my second baby. I can say that I used it more than the stroller!