Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Snap on your waistband
Step 2: Position your baby on your chest
Step 3: Put on shoulder straps, buckle and tighten

Ready to go!

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It grooooows with your baby...

Fully adjustable from day one to one day when they're ready to explore on their own.

The seat and panel micro adapt to a T for a perfect ergonomic fit + you can zip in the added toddler seat extenders when they've outgrown the seat!

There are also tons of beginner-friendly ways to get your baby on your back when you're both ready!


1. Perfect Fit Adjusters

2. Purse/Bag Strap

3. Front Panel Height Adjuster

4. Detachable Hood & Pocket

5. Breastfeeding Access Buckle

6. Small Zippered Pocket

7. Micro-Adjustable Seat (no infant insert needed)

8. Toddler Seat Extenders

Real reviews from real parents

"I’m so excited for this carrier. It’s the first carrier I’ve ever worn after wearing a wrap on my baby and I can truly say it is very comfortable for me and my baby really seems to like it as well. I’ve worn it to go on walks, to run errands and just around the house and it’s just perfect as it has the support needed for both of us. I will be recommending boba to my friend mom’s for sure!"

- One happy mama

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
zulfiia shabalina
Boba X Baby Carrier Gray

great carrier

Buruiana Liuba

It is fantastic. Small details are making this carrier better: pockets, breastfeeding friendly, strap for the bag, etc


So far really happy with it. I love that it can be adjusted in so many ways. The fabric is nice and soft, hopefully it’s breathable for the summer heath.

Irina Danila
Absolutely love it

I bought this for my 4mo as I was seeking more back support for long walks. I previously used a boba wrap which was simply magical. Baby instantly loved the Boba X too. Super soft and snuggly, no big belts around baby's face and you can easily tell ge's comfortable in it. I love how you can adjust it to fit you and baby perfectly and how easy it is to put it on. So carefully made with both mom and baby in mind. I prefer it to any other carrier I've tried



No such thing as too much love.

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