Simple as ABC front & back carry

A. Snap on your waistband
B. Pop baby in
C. Snap your shoulder straps, buckle & enjoy the ride!

For all the know-how check out our educational page!


1. Infant Insert

2. Purse/Bag Snap

3. Detachable Hood + Large Pocket

4. Breastfeeding Access Buckle

5. Small Zippered Pocket

Real reviews from real parents.

"I was looking for a carrier that was machine washable, easy to put on/ take off, something comfortable for my little one to take naps in and nursing friendly. This carrier fits all those needs and has been great! I’m so happy I bought this carrier."

"I've had this carrier since someone gifted it to me with my first in 2015. I used it with my first, with my second, and am now using it with #3. It's still in amazing condition. The craftsmanship is commendable. Such a simple design, lightweight, still with the comfort and even the convenience of a zipper pouch. Easily my go-to when I need to put a baby up. On the front or on my back, super simple and safe. Love this product!"

"Only place my little one will sleep during the day!"

Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews
great fit

You feel your baby very comfortable in the wrap and you are not afraid to let your hands free to do other things in parallel.

Николина Примова

Бърза доставка в срок. Прекрасно качество на материята, за съжаление прекалено дебел плат за периода, в който искам да го ползвам

Baby shower gift

Boba wrap was a gift for a friend, she's very happy with it. Shipping to Slovenia was very fast.

Baby shower gift

I got this for a friend and she loved it!

Nataša Stanonik

Boba Classic Wrap Grey

No such thing as too much love.

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