Boba Classic 4GS Carrier Constellation

Imaginary geometric constellations with dreamy blue grey background, designed by popular textile artist Andrea Lauren.

Some people are wrap people, others prefer buckle carriers. Some of you geek out on features and the rest just want a simple and safe place to carry your little ones. We're ALL different and that's why it's important for us to keep all of you in mind when we design our carriers. Meet our 4Gs Classic Carrier. Streamlined for simplicity, featuring our trustworthy minimalist design, new playful prints and an unbeatable price.

Note: This product no longer has footstraps


  • Weight capacity: 3-20kg
  • Includes: Infant insert & sleeping hood
  • 3 ergonomic carry positions: newborn, front-inward and back
  • Zippered waist belt pocket
  • Waist belt adjustment: 63cm - 147cm
  • Shoulder strap adjustment: 60cm - 102cm
  • Light and intuitive
  • Unique breastfeeding buckle
  • International Hip Dysplasia Institute - Certified Hip Healthy 
  • 100% cotton and machine washable

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 851 reviews
    great purchase!

    i decided to buy the Boba carrier 4gs and i am so glad i did! it is perfect for my daily morning walks with my little one! baby boy tends to overheat fast with other wraps i had but this carrier provides enough airflow that he’s comfortable! it even has a hood installed to cover babies head as well as a cushion booster type seat for the little ones. there’s also a zip up pocket in front where u can store keys / chapstick. i especially love the design i chose - the constellations is a fun / universal design.
    i would definitely recommend this carrier

    Love, love, love!

    Absolutely love this carrier! I don’t usually post reviews, but this carrier is an amazing lifesaver! I have been wearing my little one since she was 4 weeks old and she loves it. It is ultra comfy for me and baby and she feels so snuggly close to me that she falls asleep instantly in it. Totally worth every penny! Buy it!


    My son took quite well to the Boba! He settles down within the first five mins and is asleep in ten. This makes my life 100x easier as I’m a SAHM who’s babe only naps on my chest. Would definitely recommend!

    First impression = AMAZING

    My 1 month old is quite a social little lady, she prefers to be held at all times, even to nap. She falls asleep easily on our chests, but as soon as we lay her down she's wide awake again. Needless to say, we've had to do a lot of things one-handed, or not at all. I finally decided to spend the $100+ and get a Boba (it had such great reviews on all the websites and blogs that I found when researching). Got it in the mail 2 hours ago and within 5 minutes of sliding baby girl into the carrier she was asleep! After a morning of getting nothing done, I have already done some laundry, fed myself, and had time (and TWO free hands!) to type up this review. This is obviously not a long term "tried and true" review, but my first impression is very good. Easy to put on and adjust, very logical and thoughtful design, and very comfortable. My shoulders are feeling a little tired, but nothing like the sling I've been using for the last month - plus this is my first time using it, it's been on for 2 hours, and I'm expecting to get stronger. Thank you Boba!!

    Love It !

    This was my third attempt trying a baby carrier and I love it !
    The other ones I tried were too bulky, not practical, not ergonomic..etc.
    I love how simple and minimalist the Boba carrier is but still feels very secure for my baby.
    Both my husband and I love it !!