Boba Wrap Shannon

Muted gray and Kelly green mod floral. A tribute to the stormy lush meadows of Shannon, Ireland- the place of our first photo shoot over a decade ago. Fun and flattering. Note: print is one sided.

  • Comfortably wraps babies from birth to 16kg
  • 2 ergonomic carry positions: newborn hold & love your baby hold
  • 95% French Terry cotton with a touch of Spandex to retain its shape
  • Four way stretch that provides flexibility, adjustability, and real support
  • No guess tying! Our intelligent fabric will cling perfectly to the contours of your body and your baby
  • One size fits all - creates a custom fit every time you tie
  • International Hip Dysplasia Institute - Certified Hip Healthy 
  • Machine washable, tumble dry on low

Customer Reviews

Based on 2043 reviews
The best wrap ever.

This wrap is so simple to put on and very soft. I got it as a gift and my one month old loves it. He falls asleep instantly. He’s been very fussy and never wants to be put down so this is literally a life saver.

Seville Wrap

I recieved this beautiful wrap as a gift and was so excited to use it! I really wanted to love it but unfortunately I live in Florida and it’s much too warm. The fabric is very thick and would be perfect for a place with cooler weather. Very sad that I haven’t been able to use the wrap yet!

Hi Jordan, Thank you for your feedback! I wanted to let you know that we also make a bamboo wrap that is perfect for warmer climates! It is going to be a thinner fabric that breathes better so you might prefer that to the classic wrap. If you would like to exchange that wrap please let me know and I can get it started for you. :) Have a great day! Best, Melissa Boba Customer Support 888-567-9727
I love this product!

I did not purchase from the boba website. I got mine from Target. Best investment ever! Now, I had to watch a couple of different videos to truly understand how to use it, but after trying a couple of times, I have mastered this wrap! I love being able to wear my baby around the house when keeping up with minor cleaning, walking my dogs, going to the store, etc. I receive so many compliments. I feel so close to my baby when I use my boba. I love this item so much! ❤️

Love the print, but...

I really love this print.I saw it and I knew I want to have it. However, I was really disappointed when it arrived and I realized that the back of the wrap does not have the print. So when I wrap the carrier you see every now and then the inside/backside of the pattern (which is white, so the absolute contrast to the blue-ish in the patter). It might be because I am not a pro in wraping the carrier yet,but I think this looks not that good. I understand that you might not be able to have the backside in the same pattern because it might be to confusing to figure out which one is the front, but I would actually have the back at least in the same base colour than the front.

Hi there! Thank you for your review! I'm sorry to see that you're disappointed in the design only being on one side. Unfortunately with the way we print and the fabric that we use, we are unable to do the print on both sides If you want to do a color exchange, please email us at Our solids have the same color on the inside.
Love the print!

I'm expecting baby #3 any day now and never carried my other 2 kids but wanted too. I seen this gorgeous print and said why not! I'm sure it'll take me a little too learn how to do it myself but i'm SO excited to try it out and become a hopefully avid BobaWrap user! ♡